Easy is a word for the fools who believe life is meant to be simple, directionless and meaningless. There are times when nothing seems the best thing to do and avoiding answers to questions seems most satisfying. But taking each part of life as a matter of no importance is rather foolish. It is believed that we do some things in life because it needs to be done. We forget that in believing so, the essence of living is lost. Instead, we strive to seek life and drift to simply surviving. While a goal may guide the path to success but if the life is erased from what is called the journey, life itself ceases to exist. Things always seem worth struggling for and so it should be. But it is of great importance that we must not forget the essence of life.  One needs to stay in touch with the source of that life, the tiny pore that sends out spurts of light which energize our beings to do things that we wish to do. If, in the journey of seeking the goal, we forget the source, we might reach the epitome but we’d become a tree that stands without its roots holding it upright in the universe. Soon to fall in the hands of nothing and nowhere. In order to remain sane and focused, the focus must rest on the source. For this, frequently coming back to that core strengthens and reassures who we are and what we are. This exercise fills the empty jar with life again, reminding us of our strength and capacity that brought us where we are, in the first place. The signs, to understand that you have been drifted away from the core and are lost in space with no gravity to pull you back, are that you will simply feel lost, alone, empty, unsatisfied. Nothing will bring peace to your heart and mind; anything that you might try out. Because it always seems easier to climb the ladder but staying up there is what the actual task is or even falling back. This is what we are not prepared for. The primary preparation should comprise of managing the success a person shall achieve.To make it clear, achieving success isn’t synonymous to becoming famous or doing great things. It simply is the small goals we set in life to achieve to give meaning to the humanness in us.

As tough it might sound, everything in the world that seems tough is worth thinking about, fighting for and working towards. Easy is for the foolish who believe life is a journey with death at the other end; everything in between are merely phases that will pass by till the body meets the mud and turn into what life meant to us, meaningless.


Everything happens in its season, for a reason

You want to skip the accident and join the football team to become THE PLAYER? Or fall in love but end up all happy and single? That’s not how it works. It doesn’t work at all, it goes with the flow. I wish sometimes I had a LIFE HACKER which I could use to hack my life and delete a whole chunk of messy, unnecessary days and stories that “I feel” aren’t needed and keep the ones that “I think” will make me reach my objective. 

We all are on a mission, an unplanned and unworked mission that doesn’t have a road map but just a goal which we think we’ll eventually reach. This is the before part of ” out of the cocoon of comfort” stage. 

Once we are out of the cocoon of comfort, we seem clueless. All the plans that were set, the map that was created seems washed off. This is the story of a percentage of people existing on this planet. Among the rest, some “think” they are sorted, some are “actually” sorted and some just don’t try! But we on the other hand, keep trying. We are the ones who use that hit and trial method. We do stuff because we feel it’s right, when it may not be also. And many times we do it because we really don’t know what are the consequences or just don’t see any consequence. It seems scary when you’re walking on a road that has light just enough to see where you’re standing right now but not beyond. Your next step doesn’t know where it will land, consequence or reward. Once the step is taken, first, there’s no turning back. Second, there’s only moving front. Because if you decide to turn back you’ll have to start from scratch but if you move on there are consequences and rewards! Ever thought if you take a step backward, why aren’t there any consequences or rewards? Because only when you run towards the finish line, you come first or last. If you go back to the start line, there’s nothing waiting for you, just the line!

Coming back to the LIFE HACKER. Why do I need one? When I take a step forward consequence or reward is inevitable. If rewards shower on me, I’m on top of the world. But if consequences fall, I’m close to dead. That’s where the LIFE HACKER comes into play. 

So, after all is said and done I sit at my study desk, see my life replay in the LIFE HACKER, pause it, mark the beginning, play it, pause it again, mark the ending and cut that part, put it in the LIFE HACKER SHEDDER and destroy it forever. Then stick the left over part together and continue watching my life story. At the end of this process, I’m left with what I believe is the perfect story to reach my objective. 

BUT, why do I need to snip off those “incorrect” parts from my story? What difference would it make to my story when the ending remains the same? 

What I snipped off from my life story was the GUILT that made me wither everytime I thought of my story. Because it’s not the goal that just matters, it’s the story! 

And that guilt can’t be cut off but can be dissolved with self forgiveness and self love. 


happens in its season, for a reason. 

Grow in every season, don’t snip even a part of it. 

You look like a terrorist to me!

I perceive you as a person cloaked in black, blackness that covers your face and your mouth that somehow gives out unpleasantness whenever you bark your voice. A dwarfy frame weighed down with high powered spectacles and white teeth coupled together, which whenever you open your mouth to yap shows off like the fake cover to the gleam inside you.

You sound like the pepper spray when it’s emptied on the oppressor’s face.

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Are you a mason? Do you build walls?

I finally felt I had lost and everyone was winning; my gleeful philosophy seemed to perish when every last hope was turning to shackles. The wonder woman almost lost her power and grace. It spelled The End of the heroic tale of the Beauty without her Beast. I smelled hopelessness at every corner of the city; black fumes glorified the skies with their unceasing melody. The structures built all along were turning to dust; grass on the other side looked green. All I wanted was to be shunned into a capsule and transported to a new world. The done couldn’t be changed; all I wished for was to live for the love that hadn’t revealed itself. It seemed simple, the road that led me here; I didn’t wish for a fairy tale, but I never settled for the joyful and simplistic. The beating heart spilled in agony and distress. It left me speechless and swollen with words that were unspoken.

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Black Mamba

I was fast asleep when all of a sudden my eyes opened. I could hear my Dadi’s footsteps. She had just got up. It seemed darker than usual. I had overslept, I thought. It was almost evening. I woke up immediately when Dadi said there was a storm going on outside and I didn’t have a clue about it. I went straight to the front door, went out and started removing the mats which were put up for shade.  The wind was violently blowing against me. Somehow I got them tied up and came in shutting the door with all my strength. Then I decided to make tea. The lights were out. In the kitchen, I lit a candle and put up some water to boil on the stove. It was very quiet inside the house. All windows and doors were closed. I could only hear the wind whistling, through the small space of the exhaust,  making a very creepy sound like in horror movies. I was still making tea. Everything was quiet and dark. Simba was sitting in the center room, staring into the kitchen, waiting to get something to eat. His peaceful look gave me comfort every time I looked at him.It had started thundering really bad. And suddenly the candle went off.

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Loneliness is depressing.  The dictionary defines the word as isolation. Imagine yourself living in a large bungalow, which is completely empty. You can live for a day, a week, maybe a month if you have that much will power. In the beginning it will seem peaceful, and you would wish if you could live like this for the rest of your life. That’s your inner self gratifying. So your ego makes you feel happy by letting you enjoy that emptiness. Then what? After sometime the inner self feels insecure. There is no fuel to keep the fire going inside of you. So it forces the ego to find ways to ignite that fire again. That’s when you feel lonely. You have exhausted your resources to live by staying alone. In search of that fire we become restless and move out of that place. Live somewhere else, soon the fuel is exhausted and again we start searching. And it keeps going on till we die. Can this be ended? Does loneliness have an answer? Different people have different answers to this. A guy going for a job from 7 to 5 in a day finds his fuel by staying on in his office till late and coming home when its time to sleep.  For a woman who takes care of her kids and her husband, sends them off to school and office finds her fuel in cooking for them when they’ll be back. What if the guy didn’t have that job and the lady didn’t have her husband and kids? There would be no fuel to ignite that fire in them. Is it possible to live without igniting that fire in you? No, it isn’t. Because we are human beings. We need something to depend on, something to laugh at and something to cry for. Otherwise we wouldn’t be called human beings.

Is there an ideal fuel that will ignite the fire within us? No, there isn’t. Our mind needs something new constantly to build on. There are people in this world who are satisfied with what they have. Like a cook, who knows to cook a few dishes, goes on cooking the same dishes over and over again. And doesn’t get tired of doing that. He accepts the fact that that is his world and he has to live in that. It works for him, so no problem. But for those who can’t do that its a tough road ahead. You need to keep finding things to satisfy yourself. Its not about finding those things that will ignite the fire. But its about learning to keep the fire going even when there is no fuel to ignite it. That is difficult. I myself fail many times but one thing is for sure its not impossible. Even sitting in a room all alone can light it up by just wanting that to happen. It’s simple as that. Our mind is like a lion. You can tame it if you train it. It will do as you say. You want to be happy? Tell your mind what you want and it will do that. It takes practice.

Our mind has a mind of its own. Like the lion, it will try to test its boundaries again and again. If you give in, it knows it can over power you. If you say no, it will know its limit and learn to stay within it. Like I said nothing is impossible. Our brain has the capacity to control us and we have the capacity to control it. You need to choose -either your mind controls you or you control it. Then it will follow your instructions like the lion would and it will not kill you.

Papa Bear

In greatness and in might came a power so great that lead to a collision so immense as the space. Brought to life, it, a huge chunk from the vacuum within. Blazing like the breath of a dragon, fierce like the gazing sun, piled like the highest mountain, it overshadowed the fright of the might. A fountain of heating lava, can never rest in peace, can never form the beautiful rocks it could ever see.  Cracked open the nutshell as soonly it dried out. Bringing out a flower from the pore that sprouted the new design.It simply smiled and waters poured out from every insight that flushed the rustic blend of overflowing lava and its heat inside. The skin was sore of the bear that roared because the light shined so brightly as it soared. Its might brought out a cascade of roses that seemed blemished and sore. As the moon refreshed the light it dawned, so did the bear sing a new song. The blemishes turned to glows and it skin sheltered its broken soul. With a new day came a new might. And again the bear smiled, flushed the waters as it did before, all went back to sore sore sore.

Sleek as a candle stick but strong as a pounding heart, this new might, brought a touching start. Everything turned from sore to roar, the bear turned all the rust to dusty ground and a new sprout had a burst, sank in the waters and sucked it all up. Out grew a tree that gave fruits the bear hadn’t seen. He wanted to smile again but feared the next that would come. Content filled his heart, never he thought he would last. The sleek joined in to celebrate this new start. Bloomed like the fish diving out of the waters, touched the sky and dived in again. There was beauty and there was storm. All it did was bring more to astound. The bear grew strong with the night and days that showed the dazzling stars. Sleek went into slumber and never did awake but the bear never smiled and brought himself to be might of a branded state.

Understand them!

I desperately needed to understand Jennifer’s grief. There appeared to be no end to her crying. The way she secluded herself in her room deeply concerned me.

“How can I reach her?” I thought. “Tom passed away months ago, yet Jennifer seems the hardest to console.”

Knocking on Jennifer’s door, I prayed that I might be able to unlock some secret hidden deep within her. Jennifer’s soft, timid voice responded,” What  do you want, Mom?”

“Please let me come in. We need to talk. I think it will help of we share some feelings with each other.”………..Clearing my throat, I tried to be brave. “Jennifer, I understand that you miss Daddy a lot. I want to help you with your heart but I don’t know how. Please help me understand.”…………..Finally Jennifer looked up. “Mommy, God took the wrong parent” Jennifer sobbed.

Taken from  “Lord, How Can I Help Them” one of the stories,from the book God’s Vitamin “C” for the Hurting Spirit by Kathy Collard Miller and D.Larry Miller.

Wasn’t she trying enough to keep her family together after her husband’s death? Still her daughter thought that God had taken the wrong parent !

Parents often say “Aren’t we doing enough for you already?” While the child says,” Yeah right! Sure you do!”

It is right when parents say that they are doing so much for their kids, but the question is ,is that what the child needs from them?

Parents feel proud  that they were always there for their children, they did everything THEY thought the child needed. Did you ask your child what he or she needed? She wanted you to hug her everyday so she felt she was loved and cared for. She wanted you to understand her life and her friends rather then just protecting her all the time. He wanted to talk to his father about his life instead of him being all macho and insensitive.

Parents want to protect their children, from the unknown world because they are young, to keep them from harm. In that mindfulness of protection, they forget that children have a mind of their own too. They want to be talked to, they want to know whats going on. And they sure understand if you talk and explain things to them. Protection is needed but more than anything what children need is that their parents understand them.

Parents are also human beings, they make mistakes. They don’t always realize what’s best for their child. They TRY to do things which may seem good for the child. From the parents’ point of view it may be the right thing to do. But what comes next is you keep yourself in your child’s shoe and try to understand what that kid is actually going through.

Know what they need not just what they want. We tend to focus on their wants and forget the “need” part. Talk to them instead of just smiling at them when you come back from office. Create rapport with them so they’ll  come to you and talk instead of ordering them and asking them harshly what they did the whole day. That’s when you won’t have to tell them “I’VE DONE SO MUCH FOR YOU”.

Instead they’ll run to you and say “THANK YOU”, out of the blue for no reason. And that’ll be an achievement for your lifetime.

I would like to sum up with this statement:

Invest in making the roots strong by putting sufficient manure and water, instead of cleaning the leaves outwardly and hiding the plant during the storm. Because if the roots are strong, the plant will withstand the storm anyway. 

Blame yourself!

Blame the one that’s inside you
Not the man you love
Or the mother who cares for you.
The fault is in you
Not in the eye of the archer
Not in the tips of the thorny  branches.
It’s where you kept your foot
Not the ground which took the print.
It’s your mind that made the thought
Not the face that smiled back at you.
It’s the hand  that you held,
Not the hand that gripped yours.

It’s your hand that creates,
Not the brush that paints.
It’s your mouth that speaks,
Not the ear that hears.
It’s always you
And you alone
Because the sun shows up everyday
But it’s the earth that rotates to see it’s face.
It’s your feet that makes you stand,
Not the one who calls out your name.
It’s you who breaths in hatred
Not the air that went through your nostrils.
It’ll always be you
And you alone
To make the way
Not the men beside you.
It’s all inside you.