Are you a mason? Do you build walls?

I finally felt I had lost and everyone was winning; my gleeful philosophy seemed to perish when every last hope was turning to shackles. The wonder woman almost lost her power and grace. It spelled The End of the heroic tale of the Beauty without her Beast. I smelled hopelessness at every corner of the city; black fumes glorified the skies with their unceasing melody. The structures built all along were turning to dust; grass on the other side looked green. All I wanted was to be shunned into a capsule and transported to a new world. The done couldn’t be changed; all I wished for was to live for the love that hadn’t revealed itself. It seemed simple, the road that led me here; I didn’t wish for a fairy tale, but I never settled for the joyful and simplistic. The beating heart spilled in agony and distress. It left me speechless and swollen with words that were unspoken.

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Black Mamba

I was fast asleep when all of a sudden my eyes opened. I could hear my Dadi’s footsteps. She had just got up. It seemed darker than usual. I had overslept, I thought. It was almost evening. I woke up immediately when Dadi said there was a storm going on outside and I didn’t have a clue about it. I went straight to the front door, went out and started removing the mats which were put up for shade.  The wind was violently blowing against me. Somehow I got them tied up and came in shutting the door with all my strength. Then I decided to make tea. The lights were out. In the kitchen, I lit a candle and put up some water to boil on the stove. It was very quiet inside the house. All windows and doors were closed. I could only hear the wind whistling, through the small space of the exhaust,  making a very creepy sound like in horror movies. I was still making tea. Everything was quiet and dark. Simba was sitting in the center room, staring into the kitchen, waiting to get something to eat. His peaceful look gave me comfort every time I looked at him.It had started thundering really bad. And suddenly the candle went off.

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