Like the one in Nepal, that’s huge! With everything above you rushing down with the speed of light and you’re dead! What could be worse? Life! Death is the easy way out. Not that life is bad and useless. Now what doesn’t have it’s pros and cons. Calamities happen everywhere, it’s just that we see the ones that make the head lines. In our heads, our hearts, everywhere there are calamities happening, everyday. Behind closed doors, out there in the open, which we all close our eyes to and pretend the world is a flower bed with honey bees jumping from one flower to another. Deep down the earth is shifting slowly, everything seems beautiful and sweet on the top for now. Will the Air force come to save us from these calamities? Or will the government? Who will save us?  Aren’t we all busy and preoccupied with saving ourselves that we don’t see what’s happening around? While I am thinking about how should I save myself from one calamity, there’s another person sitting there who doesn’t know what his calamity is all about! It’s like a volcano , the lava building up inside, the enormous amount of heat coming up to burst out into the sky. Into the peaceful expanse of what we call our world. The eruption causing earthquake and tonnes of smoke and lava flowing out, people running here and there, grabbing nothing but themselves and their loved ones. Running as far as possible. Why do they need to run? Can’t they figure out a way to overcome the effects of it? In human life they can. With the technology and the God given brain, what is impossible for man today? Nothing! The ones in our head and heart are like these great and mighty calamities which don’t need an earthquake to kill someone. We die a slow death unless we are saved from that calamity. We aren’t on the tomorrow’s front page to be seen and read by all. We are in ourselves, seeking! Seeking for the One thing that can save us all.


When I looked inside

It was like the ocean , the waves roaring with all ease, like a saturn ribbon flowing out like a stream on the rocks with no effort, silently like a thief , without bothering anyone around, like my ears couldn’t hear anymore, it was like everything had slowed down, even the air around went still, like time had paused for that moment, like the seconds hand of the clock took forever to strike again, like when you travel in space,many light years is like a day. It was like I was entering the black hole, really slow, seeing every speck passing by with all clarity, it was pulling me in, and everything around me, like each sand falling through the tiny hole of an hour glass, not knowing anything beyond that hole, like it was bottomless. It was like vacuum being created inside me, like a volcano’s pressure building up to just burst out into the open blue sky, the lava turning into butterflies of myriad colors. It was like magic, like I was travelling through something that never existed, it was like all colors of clouds everywhere, like cotton stuck with small specks of shine, it was like a whole new world inside that small glass, like tiny small beautiful flowers covering it, giving a brown shade, like a mustard field, swaying in the wind in unison. It was like I dived into the sea, the warm water taking over my body, and my body felt weightless. It was like.. When I looked into your eyes..