The Write Song

Write like the ink in the pen never got over, write like all the the trees were cut down to make you paper and still there grew more trees, write like you never saw the sun or the stars in the night, write like you never ran out thoughts, write like there seemed nothing more important to do, write like your room, your house was filled with what you wrote and you needed more space than the Pentagon to keep them, write like your hand was a machine which didn’t need electricity, battery, food or water, write like it meant the world to you,write like all you saw was letters flying in the air and not birds, write like everyone didn’t have a tongue and all they could do was write, write like the best present you got your birthday was the word WRITE written on a paper and it made you the happiest person on this planet, write like people looked like cluster of ideas and thoughts rather than human beings, write like the music you heard seemed all so soothing and never let you sleep, write like when you took a shower the water that fell on you was heaps of thoughts rather than droplets of water, write like your body ran out of blood and you were blue all over, write like the skin of your body dried up but still your skeleton kept on writing, write like the snake who gets its new skin after the old one dries out, write like the lion was sitting beside you and you brushed your hands through his mane when he didn’t want you to write anymore and play with him, write like the love of your life only loved reading what you wrote, write like the flower in the wind never flew with it, write like the madness of the weekend never appeared so full of life, write like you never could stop dancing all over the place, write like you loved yourself too much to let go, write like the tree which never grew old, write like the eyes that keep staring at you when you walked on the street, write like the clothes you wore were made of nothing but never ending fragrance which dropped people as you walked past them, write like the world seemed to small to go around it.

Write like all you need is a heart which felt nothing but love and a mind that never left the heart because it loved it too much.


How simple can it get?

Sit on a chair get rooted into it. Keep sitting on it for hours, days and months, you’ll get yourself rooted into it. That’s how much simpler it can get! And your roots grow so deep after some time that the need to get up isn’t there. The roots provide you with all the nutrition to sit on it even more. Like a tree planted in the dept of the soil, sucking up all the energy it needs to grow taller, bigger and stronger. The tree really doesn’t need to move because of that. Have you ever seen a tree move? Oh yes! on the stage! There they even have legs. haha. That’s what human beings have the capability to do! Make a tree walk!

How much nutrition can a sofa or a chair give to keep you alive? Not much I guess. It also comes to an end at some point. Even the trees start drooping when their roots can’t find water supply for themselves. It does live long but then there comes a time when it dries out. Similarly, your sofa ain’t that self sufficient to provide with water supply to sustain a whole human body which actually needs more than just sponge, wood and fabric.

And moreover you need to give out or use up the supply you get from the sofa! The tree gives out gum, grows more branches, leaves, flowers and fruits. Can you do that? Obviously yes! on the stage! Human beings have the intelligence to replicate the natural stuff in a test tube then fruits and leaves are nothing!

Then what, when you don’t use up the energy, you don’t grow fruits, leaves and branches, the stuff keeps settling inside somewhere and starts rotting. It can even give nutrients to the sofa instead and make that grow! That could be done. In  return growing more roots into it. A day will come when this whole process gets saturated. All that will be left is either the roots dry and die out leaving the tree lifeless or it could find more supply. You’ll be stuck to the sofa all your life then! For that you’ll have to move, to get more supply. Well, that’s how much simpler it can get!

Being a tree won’t help. Be a human being, who is not self sustaining and unselfish.

Beauty of life

It seems like everything around is alive, hopping, jumping in excitement, laughing and enjoying like all that exists is happiness and nothing else. Like a party is going on, with loud music, the atmosphere is filled with molecules of bliss, people dancing, talking, laughing, being merry when actually you’re sitting in your room all by yourself and staring at a book or working on the laptop and everything around you is actually silent, with not even the sound of a needle falling or a bird chirping. This is life. Suddenly you’re like woohh, that was fun. You walk out of your room all smiling and look around everything seems fast asleep like somebody would had given them anesthesia. There is nothing but the same old air around you, but you feel elated and everything seems new. The old chairs, sofa, windows don’t really make an impression on you. You simply pick the newspaper and walk out of the door, sit on the stairs and stare at the silent world around. It’s all so simple. It’s all so easy to understand, take it in and digest it. The fact is that all of this you see everyday but, it’s all new again, new every morning. Newspaper never seems to end. The view is so captivating, you forget that you had come up to read the newspaper and all you do is enjoy what your eyes let in. It’s beautiful! You don’t say it aloud because it may seem stupid but in fact it is. It is very much pleasing to the eye. There is love in everything you set your eyes on. There is satisfaction in everything your eye looks at. Are you thinking anything? Maybe, you don’t even remember if you were, because it didn’t matter. It doesn’t matter to the world out there and to you also at that moment because what your eye sees is what no one else is seeing. The beauty it’s capturing like a camera, just that its more minute than a  camera. And then time flies, flies like it was a bird in the air, flapping its wings and reaching its destination in no time. Do you really care about this time you spent till now? Yes you do. This may not be the best time you’ve ever had but sure was the time. It did matter to you in a very small minute way which will add to the memory of what home was like. This will add to the time when you feel, wish I had spent more time at home. But you will never feel that because you did feel that when you were back home. You valued the time that you spent there and it became a small but an important foundation to build your life on.

To really understand how small but miniature things add to what makes your life is what matters the most. How you lived the life you had at that point of time because that is never going to be relived. It’s not like a movie you watch on your laptop and you rewind it when you like a part and you want to watch it again. It’s like a movie you watch in a theater which you watch once and once is that time when you capture the essence of it. And that’s what leaves an impression on you.

After the movie ends there’s a movie awaiting. And you believe it’s going to be beautiful, worth living for. It will never end, life, unless you want it to.

Whose choice is it?

I have been pondering over this thought for a long time now, that there is a God who created us and He has given us the freedom of choice. And again the Bible says God has a plan for your life. Now how does this work? I was talking to a friend of mine recently, discussing this very thought. He said, if God had given man the freedom to choose then why does He have a plan for your life? Doesn’t that mean that God is taking away the freedom of choice from man? Why did God then give us the freedom to choose when He already has a plan for everyone’s life. That rang a bell in my head.

Me being a believer of this fact till today was now stuck with the very basis of God’s creation of rational human beings who have the freedom to choose, choose between right and wrong, this career or that, marry this guy or that. Why would God do such a thing in the first place? Does that mean we are merely puppets in the hands of God? He puts us in the office one day and next we are lying in the grave dead due to a fatal accident. Is all this His doing? Why did He gave us a mind then to think and rationalize, if this is what He intended to do? These are a whole lot of questions I guess many people hit their head on when it comes to believing in the God who created us.

Well, it turns out that its not so. We are not mere puppets created by God for his amusement.

God surely has a plan for each and every one of us. But like He says He has given us the freedom to choose the way we want to live it because He created us with a mind to think and rationalize everything. We being humans are imperfect and can take wrong decisions, choose the wrong the way, want easy life, with shortcuts for every single thing. It takes a lot of effort for we as humans to choose what is good and right always. The bad and wrong many times, most of the times seems more attracting and therefore we end up choosing that. Another reason why we give in to our demands is that we want something and we want it now, that immediate gratification. We don’t see the larger picture and settle for the for we get for now. We forget the consequences of this gratification and those many opportunities we just cut down because of our one decision. Well, there are people who get use to doing what they want even bearing the consequences and still being happy with what “nothing” they have gained till now. Let me tell you, such people are actually living in an illusion, an illusion of being happy and satisfied where as they actually aren’t. And this comes to an end one way or the other. That’s when they have to start all over again with their life.

Now I’m not saying that human beings can’t live happily on their own. They sure can. There are many people in this world who are happy, that works for them what they are doing. But it doesn’t work that way for every single human being on this earth.

Yeah so, coming back to God’s plan, God gives you an alternative, you choose your way and make a mess of your life(which we all do somewhere in our lives) or let God guide you in your life. Now here it doesn’t mean that He wants you sit and pray, meditate and fast all your life. It doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun in your life. Jesus never sat and prayed the whole time when he was on this Earth. He did many other things and yet He was happy. Again, the definition of happiness is not boozing and dancing all night, earning so much money that you cant stop counting, neither is it when you have nothing but a mug, sitting on the roadside and begging for money. Happiness is inside your heart. Sitting in your room alone doing nothing, but from inside you’re satisfied. Even while sitting in your office doing loads of work, their is this peace inside of you that no one can take away. That’s what happiness is.

Again we have the choice, what we want to choose? The God’s way, who knows the bigger picture or my plan which is short sited and can fail at any moment.

I was reading a book written by Catherine Marshell called Beyond Ourselves. In this book she addressed this dilemma of human choice and God’s plan for our lives. She says

By giving humans freedom of will, the Creator has chosen to limit His own power. He risked  the daring experiment of giving us the freedom to make good or bad decisions, to live decent or evil lives, because God does not want the forced obedience of slaves. Instead He covets the voluntary love and obedience of sons who love Him for Himself.

What never lasts

I know it won’t last for long. Yes it won’t.
I have seen roses bloom,
They one day do fade away
Even the kings sitting on their thrones,
they’re sons will replace them one day
Your shoes new as ever
Will wear and tear some day.
The peacock’s exotic feathers will break off one day
That handsome man’s head will be hair less one day
People will love you and hate you the very next day.
It won’t last for long, I know it won’t.
But what comes next is the hope  have,
You may not love me one day but
There’ll be one that will.
After the leaves rot to nothing
There comes a seed which sprouts.
The black will turn grey
With nothing left to hold.
End is near for every cell
But beyond that is a new life
To look on to.
Enjoy the rose till it blooms
Celebrate its end the next day
It’s a beginning of something new
Because life’s all about this,Change.

When the treasure box is full!

“What’s in there anyway?” asked the fat little girl. “It’s my treasure box” , i said. “Can I see inside it?” she tried peeking in. “Sure. But there’s one thing before you see inside it.” “What is it?” she asked. “You’ll be blind for sometime. When you regain your sight you’ll start seeing things differently” , I said. “What? What will I start seeing?” “You’ll fall in love with everything you see!” , I said. “Does that matter much? It’ll be fun I guess.” “Well then here you go, take a look.”

She was walking on the street. It was empty. A small squirrel was crossing the road. She ran towards it, grabbed it in a second and put it in her cycle basket and covered it. She stood there looking at it poking its small face out of the basket and staring at her with its tiny eyes and legs. She kept smiling and staring at it. People passed by looking at her. But she didn’t seem to move a limb. And she stared and stared and stared.

Few years later there was a park made in the place of the road and the rest of the area. She was the statue with her bicycle and she staring at the squirrel in the basket. Children running around playing. All the kids looked at this cute statue and smiled when ever they passed by.

Time Is Love

Walking through the woods alone, feeling the breeze on my face and nothing else but just the silence speaking to me. There was this flower, by the side of the path where i was walking. It smiled at me when I glanced at it. It turned towards me as I walked, and kept looking at me with that face till I could see it. It seemed very normal to me, nothing out of the blue. Why couldn’t a flower share its love with me. This was the way it showed its love, happiness. Next came a tree, a huge one. The tallest among all the trees in that forest. It bowed down as I approached and it smiled. It shook its branches so that the beautiful pink flowers it grew could rain on me. It showered the love that it felt on me in its own way. I was smiling like this was going to be forever. I walked on, the path under my feet moved. It made me fall, I was sitting with my legs stretched forward. It sloped downwards so that I would glide like a kid slopping down a slide. And I fell into the the lake. I was under water holding my breath and the fish swam around me blowing bubbles on my face. It was ticklish. I jumped out giggling and found myself on the other side if the lake. I turned back all the fish were on the surface throwing out water from their mouths like small fountains. I laughed in happiness and continued walking. I came to the end of the forest where large iron gates separated me from the world beyond. It was exhilarating to think of what was out there for me. I closed my eyes, breathed the fresh cold breeze for the last time. I pushed the gates open and I walked out in time.