Blue drops of Blood

Continuous flow of blood, falling on the clean white tiled floor, there he lay on his bed lifeless, with his arm stretched out, his eyes staring at the spotless ceiling and a sheet draping his naked body. Staining the floor with his life emptying his mortal self on to nothing but the floor. All he worked for in his life, all he lived for, learned and achieved brought him down to this, his life emptying right there on his bedroom floor. All he ever dreamed of, a beautiful mansion with seven bedrooms, each for his children and parents, a huge dinning room with a round table and a gorgeous chandelier hanging right on top of it and a vast area covered with grass and woods surrounding his spectacular mansion. And off course a Rolls Royce, was everything he had ever dreamed of. He had all of this.

He had a dream last night. He was running; running towards something. Something that never seemed to end. He kept running, at great speed, he could even leave behind a racing car or an aeroplane. It was white all around, like great walls on each side reaching the sky, shinning in the day light. Below him was snow, white as ever and he was running on it. It looked like a lofty, steep mountain what he was running towards. But it never seemed to come close how much ever he ran. He never stopped. He went on and on. He never felt sad or tired or discouraged. After sometime he saw the mountain somewhat clearly. There was a river streaming down and now it was coming towards him slowly. He stopped, stood there silently looking at the water touching his feet and passing him. He bent down to touch the water, it wasn’t water. It was thicker and blue in color, it was blood! Blue blood!

He woke up out of breath. He looked around, everything was white as ever. He was panting, he looked at his arms, his legs, turned to his right, there was a dragon lying beside him, dead! He jumped out of his bed frightened to death. What the hell was a dragon doing in  my bed! There was no blood on  the bed. He feared it was alive and maybe it was fast asleep. How could this happen! This was absurd. He moved backwards towards the huge french window and he crashed into it. It made a loud noise. The dragon jumped up, looking around as if it didn’t know what it was doing there. He saw this man and suddenly roared in anger like he had remembered why he was there. He walked towards the man. The man kept moving backwards. He came into the balcony and suddenly lost control. AAhhhhh!! He was in the air, falling from the third floor of his mansion. And bam! everything was silent again.

He opened his eyes, he was still in bed breathing normally, everything seemed alright around him. He was lying naked draped in a white sheet. He turned to his right and there his wife laid fast asleep. He turned towards the other side, his hand was stretched out and bleeding; blue blood flowing out on the white tiled floor. He laid back and stared at the spotless ceiling as his life drained out.


The Bright Side

I’m stuck inside the wall. I don’t know which side to fall. If I go back I’ll hit another wall. So I decide to step outside the wall. No one sees me because I’m the color of the wall. People bang into me but don’t care to say sorry. Because I’m the color of the wall. I look around all I see is a room full of walls, where the road runs parallel to the ground, cars speeding by, the lights beaming yellow red and green. People passing by in their winter coats and boots. The sun shining high up from the sky. The clouds come in and hide the beaming sunlight. Rain is pouring down like it was meant to at this very moment when I planned to step out. Everyone starts running to save themselves from the acid rain. Umbrellas open up huge black ones. They begin to melt with the acid drops rolling down on them. Everything starts melting, the buildings, cars, streetlights, people’s faces, hands, hair and clothes. I stand still looking at this happening around me. I look at myself. I’m not melting like the others. The color of the wall starts falling off my body, a layer of invisibility coming off me like I am being washed. People stop running and struggling. They stand there staring at me. All of them melting down to the ground but they stand still, like they feel no pain anymore. I start becoming visible. Even more, I am shining, shining like the sun, dazzling like I was made of thousands of diamonds and they become more visible as the acid rain washes me off.

This Is Where I Begin!

Sitting in the park after a good run, I close my eyes and feel the bench under me. Every part of my body that’s touching it. My feet touching the wet mud from under my shoes. Suddenly I’m all light and weightless. I barely feel anything, just my heart pacing and my face throbbing from the run. The cool breeze blowing on my face, on a cold winter morning exposing my warm face to it, as though it renewed my skin. I thought to myself, this is what I need. Away from all the thoughts, from all the voices in my head telling my all kinds of things. I was “here and now!” In that moment. I could hear people running, walking and talking behind me. Old men laughing out loud, enjoying the company of other old men. I sat there motionless absorbing all that the surroundings had to offer. I wasn’t giving anything to it neither was I getting. All I did was enjoy what was there. The feeling of merely being a part of something with just being what I am and not caring about anything. The strength that I feel inside when I stand alone, it’s like the best feeling in the world. When all there is me, and me alone. The excitement of life multiplies to the extent of infinity. Wish I was always like this, I would say. But these peaks where I feel my strength, when I’m in charge, when I’m just the only one! This is what I strive for. I Close eyes and begin my walk with faith, bumps may come, people may jump, but I will still walk on the direction I chose. I will fall, I will walk out but in the end when I come back that’s when I’ll be the champion, champion of what I believed in.